Francesco G Nuvolari

Virtual or Real: The Opera's Meaning


All that is at the same time it is not .


This set of pictures tells my virtual biography , documented by the images of my creations placed within the exhibition spaces of the world 's most prestigious , in fact urban - suburban or isolated from any context .

This creative process as a result gives me the chance to realize a dream and impossible to see it and check in the most important international cultural institutions.

In a world where "fiction" and " reality shows " tend to replace our reality and our history , then why not create a virtual / real that it can give the indispensable status for these works have since then " art world " a more objective evaluation?


In my works two realities coexist :

A real , characterized by the presence of the sky, which despite being a tangible item can also be considered virtual because of its constant mutability , which can be secured only through a historical perspective and an infinite sequence of images.

It is a virtual , represented by an imaginary realization , which can be perceived , however, as "real" thanks to its graphics processing .

This together with (real and virtual ) documents the existence of works never really existed as simulated , which can , however, be perceived and evaluated as true works of art .

The images of these will be reproduced photographically in high definition in three different sizes and applied on rigid substrates suitable to be exhibited or sold.

It is not , however, ruled out the possibility of an actual project .


Subject : Nomen Omen Heaven


Why did I choose Heaven.

The sky , a metaphor of earthly existence , sometimes clear and soothing soaks our fears, and when it is stormy prevents us from seeing beyond giving us our troubles , it also represents the mutability of nature and reminds us how ephemeral our lives. When we pause , in fact , the beauty of this or that particular , immediately canceling this changes into another image that replaces the previous one , the suggestions overlap giving rise to an uninterrupted sequence of emotions.

Heaven is for man an open door into the unknown and at the same time to eternity; through this door he threw his questions / challenges , invoked his entreaties , but since man has closed this door does not dream more: there will be no more large companies without big dreams. This great hat that always hangs over us without dreams in the near future it will become just a huge caravan route that will travel in search of new galaxies to be filled in order to satisfy our desires and curiosity.

Heaven even offers the only reality that man has never been able to turn in the course of its existence. We see , in fact, as they saw the ancient peoples, but without their innocent wonder and accustomed as we are to observe only what we walk we narrowed our horizons and , without knowing it, we killed our imagination without which no man will be able to create and hope to build a better world.

Her beauty we look at patient asks only to be understood to return to surprise us. It belongs to everyone. It is a beauty that has no costs. Available , always. A beauty that only asks for a moment of attention.


The plane that sometimes appears , is larappresentazione of our human condition : inside , conditioned by a limited freedom , we stand still waiting to get in the meantime some of the passengers from their windows will be able to see distant horizons , while others will have to settle for sentirseli describe. The plane finally land and take off again for other trips ... and the traveler will only impression left by his body over the seat.

The planes ciricordano , however, that there man is not alone: ​​there are other people who are traveling , free to dream , waiting to get new airports and to undertake new experiences to tell and new challenges





The works consist of pictures of museums where they are exposed to them my skies.


Alhondiga Cultural and Leisure Center, Bilbao

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Castilla y Leon, Spain

Centre Pompidou, Paris

Grand Palais & Hors les Murs, Paris

Centre Pompidou-Metz, Lorraine

Bromer Art Collection, Berna

Maxxi, Roma

Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Roma

Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Castello di Rivoli, Rivoli

Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato

Palazzo dell'Arte, Milano

Muzeum d'Art Contemporary, Fabryki Schindlera,Krakowie

Düsseldorf, Zeitgenössische Kunst, Düsseldorf

International Forum, Tokyo

Tate Modern, London

Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin

Ingleby Gallery, Edinburgh

Kalmar Museum of Art, Kalmar, Sweden

Museum of Modern Art, Chicago

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City

Chambers Fine Art, New York

Museum of Modern Art, New York, 2006

Kimbell Art Museum- Louis Kahn, Fort Worth, USA

Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, Connecticut, USA

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles

John Kaldor Family Gallery, Rushcutters Bay, Australia



The following images will be reproduced photographically and possibly custom hand in three different formats: cm64x48128x96256x192.

Murales Europa - Murals in Europe

The works consist of photos of places where I put my murals with the heavens.






Heerlen, (NL)



Lodz, Poland

Warsaw, Poland

Krakow, Poland









La Coruňa, Galizia (Spain)

Valencia (Spain)

Zaragoza (Spain)

Chieri (Torino)

Ormea (Cuneo)

Marina di San Vito (Chieti)




Murales Americas

The works consist of photos of places where I put my murals with the heavens.



Los Angeles

New York City



San Francisco

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico



The works consist of photos of places in them I created my installations.


Galerie Jennifer Flay, Paris

Abbatiale de Bellelay, Bellelay (F)

Hemisfèric interior, Valencia

Victoria Albert Museum, London

Imax, London

Wallace collection, London

Evelyn Grace Academy, Brixton, London

Museum of Modern Art, Oxford

The Modern Institute, Aird's Lane, Glasgow

Stazione Leopolda, Firenze

Piazza della Rinascita, Pescara

Mori Art Museum Exhibition

Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York City

Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro


Sculptures in museums, city or isolated

The works consist of photos of places where I have included my sculptures represent or isolated from any of my sculptures context.


Carrer d’Eduardo Primo Yufera, Valencia

Carrer del Pintor Sorolla, Valencia

Theaterplatz Basel, Basel

Ex mattatoio di Testaccio, Roma

Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin

The Economist Plaza 25 St. James's Street, London


Astor Place, New York City

Millennium Park is in Lurie Garden, Chicago

Dilworth Plaza at City Hall, Philadelphia

Napa Valley, Calistoga, California

Wynwood, Miami, Florida

Terminal 1 of Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, Toronto


Parks and outdoors - Sculptures in the Parks or outdoor

The works consist of photos of places where I have included my sculptures.


Jardins de Tuileries, Paris


West Bretton - Sculpture Park, West Yorkshire (U K)

Goodwood Sculpture Park, Chichester Sussex (UK)

Forte di Belvedere, Firenze

Pilbara, Western Australia

Sonoma Valley Attractions,Sonoma, CA

Lynden-Bradley Sculpture Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA)

Union Square Park, New York City


Design and Applications

Lists all of the applications are characterized by the presence of my heaven.


table seats










Napkins made of paper

Wall plates and collectibles

Cover for phone

Pouch phone


Pen holder

Baskets for office

Pots for flowers

bath mats


Money Boxes made ​​of aluminum

Coating line for furniture boxes


Test Bed

Masks for switches